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Role model for a gloomy future?

Role model for a gloomy future? EDITOR, The Tribune We are frequently reminded that our future lies with our young people - an alarming thought indeed. However, if the tragic but hugely talented Whitney Houston was truly a role model for many of the you

The clergy and politics

The clergy and politics EDITOR, The Tribune. Can someone advise what is the fascination for the political process by some clergy in this country? I was flabbergasted to see yet another clergyman joining hands with one political party. Should not the cl

People will not fall for the FNM again

People will not fall for the FNM again EDITOR, The Tribune. I understand it is the silly season but I am deeply concerned that want-to-be politicians who appear to have no conscience will stoop to any level to lie and deceive the people of this great B

ZNS television station is a national disgrace

ZNS - Zephyr Nassau Sunshine, The Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas - is a national disgrace Bahamians can't help but feel ashamed of. I would even go as far as saying that ZNS is

Too much chatter from party leaders

Too much chater from party leaders EDITOR, The Tribune. So far, there has been much jabbering back and forth by the leaders of the three major political parties. However, there are many Bahamians who are not caught up in the partying type frenzy and ar

A lie dressed up is still a lie

EDITOR, The Tribune. I have heard Perry Gladstone Christie on several occasions, especially recently, say that the PLP created 22,000 jobs between 2002-2007. I am stunned to see that he did not gather enough courage to come back to the Bahamian people to

Androsian speaks out on election

Androsian speaks out on election EDITOR, The Tribune. I'm a 42-year-old female who has only voted twice in my life, 1992 FNM, 2007 for the PLP, because I had rather abandon my party and for Vincent than Mrs Chandrice Woodside Rolle who at the time ha

Thank you to police for safety advice

EDITOR, The Tribune. On Thursday night, we attended a Community session at New Providence Community Centre on Blake Road organised by the Western District police division. The Western District is large stretching from I think the Grove and covering the

Negative aspects of Nassau life

EDITOR, The Tribune. Akin to Shakespeare to "As you like it", I make the following comments of what I see around me which is so negative. 1) The New Providence Road programme - again, Prince Charles and Market are blocked off and I really wonder if this

What caused the fish kill?

I am grateful to the MP for Montagu for providing her constituents with information regarding the recent fish kill in the area. Mrs Loretta Butler-Turner was advised of an elevation of chlorine in the wate

Why a foreign deal?

EDITOR, The Tribune. Real Property Tax - IDB and Japanese provide a $765,000 grant to improve collection. Firstly the obvious is the obvious... if you ain't got the spare cash to pay Real Property Tax, that's it.. Japanese or whoever. One of the problem

Will Bahamians be truly protected?

EDITOR, The Tribune. The Chief Justice's "warning" on the government's plan to introduce an amendment to the Bail Act, has cemented the public's opinion that changes have to be made, either to the constitution or to appointments to the offices of judici

No worse time for job layoffs

EDITOR, The Tribune. Just when you think the economy in Grand Bahama couldn't get any worse, it has. Like many Grand Bahamians, I was very disappointed to hear the heartrending news that Hutchison Whampoa had terminated 70 of its employees at the Freepo

Santorum's near win

EDITOR, The Tribune. US Republican presidential nominee Rick Santorum is surging in the polls because he is militantly pro-life, morally consistent and politically courageous - just what America needs. The foundation of America's problems is not the econ

Thinking out of the box

EDITOR, The Tribune. We hear so much from the politicians and the Downtown Development Board about their high-flouting plans for the City of Nassau however the worst offenders in messing the city up seem to be government. Who did the years-old tree on t

Arson at school

EDITOR, The Tribune. THE botched attempt to burn down the Carlton E Francis Primary School is an act that I decry as despicable, treasonous and cowardly. With our current economic climate and our educational system needing all the help it can get, the p

Good governance from the DNA

EDITOR, The Tribune. The Progressive Liberal Party had its fair share of controversies during its last tenure as the governing party of the Bahamas. There was the debacle with Sydney Stubbs and the Korean boats at BAIC. Additionally, the Hon Shane Gibs

Does witchcraft exist in the straw market?

EDITOR, The Tribune. Since time immemorial, there have been rumours of unusual practices and behaviour in the straw market. There have been strange and unusual scents witnessed and experienced by others to be directed to or concentrated around the stal

Solution needed to mortgage woe

Distressed mortgages and repossessed mortgages - why can't we do something that will be rational to stop the potential of killing the real estate market? Looking at the initial announced PLP plan, o

Blame stirs up memories

PERSONS who have no sense of their own history should not be allowed to be spokespersons.