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Sir Alvin is far from a mulatto

I READ with interest an article written in Thursday, February 24, 2011 edition of The Punch in which P. Anthony White referred to Sir Alvin Braynen as a "mulatto" from The Current.

Is anyone responsible for mayhem?

Is anyone responsible for mayhem? EDITOR, The Tribune. Every island, cay, and rock in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas falls within a parliamentary constituency. In other words, every constituency is represented in the Honourable House of Assembly. Howev

No mortgage magic bullet

No mortgage magic bullet EDITOR, The Tribune. After the PLP set a new standard for bad public policy recommendations, the DNA followed behind with an equally bad idea, stating that banks should reduce the principal on troubled mortgages by 50 per cent.

Bring a statue of Tommy to the stadium bearing his name

I WATCHED with pride on Saturday, February 25th, 2012 as the Thomas A Robinson Stadium was officially opened.

Recent naturalisations

IS IT just me or has anyone else noticed the sudden increase in recent weeks in the number of "Notices" in our local papers for persons who are being considered for naturalisation/citizenship?

On visit of New York supercop

WILLIAM Bratton, the former Police Commissioner in New York City, credited for cleaning up New York crime problems in the mid-1990's, was in town recently for a consultation with Bahamian Police Commissioner Ellison Greenslade and the Cabinet of The Bahamas Government.

Costs of laying water main

Costs of laying water main EDITOR, The Tribune. For the sake of accuracy, the public needs to appreciate that in 2007 this FNM government added to the New Providence Road Improvement programme the strategic 30-inch water main which was to be installed f

Fundamentals are the problem

EDITOR, The Tribune. Debates have raged and the public and pundits alike have given their two cents on the poor state of our Judiciary. From the amount of time it takes for a matter to make its way through the system, to issues pertaining to jury trials

Protocol and the Prince

EDITOR, The Tribune. Some years ago, when Sir Gerald Cash was Governor General, we had a royal visitor to the Bahamas in the person of Princess Anne, the Queen's daughter. The visit coincided with the opening of a new session of parliament and so some o

PLP celebrate Bahamians losing lives?

PLP celebrate Bahamians losing lives? EDITOR, The Tribune. The PLP seem to be celebrating every time someone is killed. I am baffled as to how this could be good for the PLP. It is a stretch to even fathom how they could profit from the tragedy of other

A thousands times no to foreign police

I READ with interest a report by Dr David Allen a noted psychologist, while I agree with some of his findings on the root cause of the crime situation and some of his recommended remedies, I strongly oppose the bringing in of foreign police from Canada, the UK and Israel for the following reason, we have had personnel from the UK on our police force for over a hundred years and whereas a few of them made valuable contributions to our force, the majority of them would have been better off remaining where they came from.

Speaker of the House abdicated his authority

THE HOUSE of Assembly yesterday was mild in comparison to some debates in the Mother of Parliaments, The House of Commons London.

Expert's input is a positive thing

IS IT going to hurt us to have input from an expert in the field of fighting crime from overseas? Someone who has a proven track record of success in crime-ridden cities? It does not matter where Mr Bratton is from or how he got here. All of these are distractions stirred up by people with narrow agendas. He successfully fought crime and we want to learn from him so that we can decisively and successfully continue to prevent and fight crime as well.

Did I give to parasites?

Re: Less than ? of NIB pension recipients come from poorest 20%. - The Tribune, March 14, 2012. THE article states "there is no objective criteria (sic) to determine eligibility". However, there do seem to be at least some criteria in official use - such as nepotism and the political affiliation of recipients.

Bahamians should expect more from candidates

THE election season is heating up and all the major political parties are making their rounds in an effort to secure the support of voters. There are many stories to tell as candidates reveal their vision to constituents for the next five years if elected.

No reason to call early electon

I WAS listening to talk show host Steve McKinney give his reasons as to why the Prime Minister should call an early election and it did not make sense to me.

Dentistry abroad

GIVEN that the training and skills of Bahamian dentists and physicians are as good as those available elsewhere, the following question is posed in the article: Why do many Bahamians feel compelled to seek medical and dental care in another country?

Where are the sidewalks?

KEMP ROAD is a main thoroughfare that stretches from Shirley Street to Wulff Road. It is comprised of a diverse group of people and many children reside on this road and the accompanying side streets.

Probe by Bannister good for the Bahamas

FREE National Movement (FNM) candidate for North Andros and the Berry Islands, Desmond Bannister initiated a probe into illegal voter registration in this constituency. Reports indicated that at least 30 voters were being challenged in a court of law.

Bethel Trucking response to Hot Mix editorial

Bethel Trucking response to Hot Mix editorial EDITOR, The Tribune. Re: Editorial of March 14,2012 headed "Bahamas Hot Mix meets internal standards" We represent Bethell's Trucking and Heavy Equipment Service Limited (the Company) and Mr Stanley Bethel

PLP did nothing for renewal

I SOMETIMES get frustrated when misinformation, be it intentional or out of ignorance of fact, is used to mislead people into thinking something is what it is not.

Realism and the DNA

Realism and the DNA EDITOR, The Tribune. While I am enthralled with the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) and of a certainty they shall receive my vote, I am a realist and know that much of what is being espoused by the DNA will not easily be enacted u

All parties to face the same tasks

All parties to face the same tasks EDITOR, The Tribune. It matters who wins the upcoming election, but it really does not matter in terms of what a government has to do when elected. Right now, we have a lot of "union activity" and I guess that a lot

Shame on public service policy

Recently, some Public Civil Servants were required to take exams and go on interviews for a couple of dollars. The problem is that some of these persons are almost ready to retire and were there some

Haitians will punish the PLP

IF you would have asked me a month ago who I thought would win the general election, I would have told you the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP). Perry G Christie and his so-called new PLP looked poised